Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer with a high content of active substance - 46%. The chemical formula of urea is similar in composition to the organic formulation of urea, which gives a number of advantages in mass use to nourish crops.

The interaction of fertilizer with the soil environment is very different from that of ammonium nitrate. In the separation of the active substance from urea in order to reach the most accessible form for plants, nitrogen undergoes the three most important processes related to its capture and fixation. Some of the processes are purely chemical, others biological or physical.


Copper Sulphate (Bluestone)

Copper sulfate is a technical raw material. The chemical formula of copper sulphate is CuSO₄.

In the dry state it is a white, odorless, highly hygroscopic powder, and when absorbed in water it forms a pentahydrate - CuSO₄ X.5H₂O with the characteristic blue color and the trivial name blue stone.